About Us

About Argento Scientific

Argento Scientific is a young business, founded in 2017, but our roots go back further.  Our team has worked in chromatography and analytical system design for decades.  Our mission now at Argento Scientific, just like in the past, is to deliver high-value customized solutions for our life science partners.  This approach applies to our custom-packed columns, our application-specific solvent capture systems, and our specialized accessories that support downstream process development.

We operate in markets dominated by large suppliers with millions of products, but we supply a few products and we know how they work!  We’re proud of the growth we’ve experienced so far, and we’re grateful for our wonderful customer relationships.  We’ll continue to build value for our customers one project at a time.

About Adrian Argento


I first got interested in biotechnology at the age of 15 when I read an article in National Geographic.  The article was about replacing the bone marrow of blood cancer patients with healthy cells to save their lives – exciting stuff for the 1980s!  After studying biology at The College of William and Mary my first job was selling freeze-dried bacteria to paper mills to help clean up waste effluent.  Later I sold software to scientists to analyze biological images and to evaluate the chemical structures of potential drugs.  Most recently our team supplies equipment for learning how to purify therapeutic proteins. I refined my understanding of customer needs leading sales teams at Diba Industries and at Cole Parmer.  We worked with customers to design fluidic systems in instruments and for laboratory applications focusing on protein purification. I’ve sold a lot of interesting stuff to a lot of interesting, - and smart -, people.


Through all of this what’s been the most fun?  It’s fun to build up a business one product and one customer at a time.  It’s fun to be around life saving technology and the people putting that technology to use.  The best part of all is the creative process of solving problems together with suppliers, customers and employees.


I founded Argento Scientific in 2017 as the latest adventure in my life sciences-based journey.  Our mission is to serve our biotechnology customers with innovative products and services.  Our approach isn’t “Here’s what we’ve got, hope you like it.”  It’s “What are you trying to accomplish, and how can we help?”