Chromatography Columns

Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns

Argento Scientific offers the Omnifit brand of glass columns for bench-scale protein chromatography.  Omnifit columns are known for their simple design, ease of use, superior inertness and flow characteristics.

Glass Chromatography Column Basics

Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns are designed to suit the majority of standard laboratory chromatography applications. They are ideal for aqueous systems and are compatible with solvents used in common liquid chromatography applications such as protein purification.


All Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns are supplied assembled and ready for use. Three configurations are available:

  • Non-adjustable with two fixed endpieces, a cost effective option when height adjustment is not important. Designated as configuration -FF
  • One fixed endpiece as a bed support and one adjustable endpiece (plunger) to adjust the bed height. The adjustable endpiece is designed to give the user fine control over the movement of the endpiece, minimizing the risk of disturbance to the packed bed and giving 80mm of height adjustment. Designated as configuration -AF
  • Two adjustable endpieces giving maximum flexibility in bed height. With an adjustable endpiece at both ends of the column the user gains 160mm of adjustment, offering a wide range of bed lengths. Designated as configuration -AA

Features of Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns

These features are common across the whole range of Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns:

  • Column body made from precision borosilicate glass for inertness, visibility and performance
  • Endpieces of PTFE with dual o-rings for secure seal
  • Superior frit placement for bed support and even distribution of sample flow
  • Excellent price / performance value
  • Great chromatography results!

Glass Chromatography Column Packing Services

Argento Scientific pre-packed columns come ready to use with user-specified resins and bed dimensions. We pack to agreed, measurable specifications and column packing happens here in the US, not overseas, so it’s customs-free.


Pre-packed glass chromatography columns from Argento Scientific solve many common laboratory problems:

  • Wasted time: Often 2 to 3 hours per packed and tested column. Argento Scientific pre-packed columns are ready to go upon receipt.
  • Variable results: Results can vary with type of resin, operator experience and other factors. You supply us the resin or we can source the resin direct and our experienced packers guarantee consistency from project-to-project.
  • Re-packing: A badly packed column means a re-pack at the customer's expense – more time wasted. When you outsource this to Argento Scientific we handle this for you.
  • Recycling Column Hardware: Instead of throwing out old columns or looking for ways to recycle them, our Column Stock and Swap program makes it easy and fast to re-use column hardware without having to buy new.
Column with customer supplied resin - ready to ship!
Column with customer supplied resin - ready to ship!

Glass Chromatography Column Swap Program

Argento Scientific is now offering the flexibility of our new “Column Swap” program!


3 Easy Steps

  1. You purchase column hardware.
  2. We ship you half of them packed, using your resin, holding the rest in reserve.
  3. You receive your packed columns in 1-2 weeks.
  4. When you need new packed columns, we ship you newly packed ones from your reserve and you ship us back your empties.

Benefits of the glass chromatography column swap program from Argento Scientific include:
Receive packed columns in one week.

  • Only pay the cost to pack after initial hardware purchase.
  • Each column comes individually tested and certified.
  • Buy resin cheaply in bulk, not marked-up in pre-packed columns from another supplier.
  • Column packing happens here in the US, not overseas. Customs free.
  • Upgrade from disposable to high-grade glass columns; more pressure tolerance, transparency, less carryover, more chemically inert.