Column Accessories

Argento Scientific Column Accessories

Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns are often provided "as-is" with the client supplying all the fittings and fixtures. Argento Scientific makes this process even easier by supplying a range of accessories that fill a specific application need.

Column Racks

Protein purification columns represent a significant sunk cost for the lab both in terms of the materials used, column hardware and resins, and the time spent to acquire these components and prepare them for use.  Yet despite the costs and risks, columns are often stored horizontally in drawers or are run on rickety stands.  Changing the column’s orientation from vertical to horizontal and then back can affect flow characteristics.  Stands made for low-end glassware don’t always hold up to the weight of packed columns.  Common laboratory supply stands can be difficult to move and assemble.  Finally, columns are made of glass and they’re round, so if one of them rolls off the lab bench it can produce an expensive, embarrassing mess.  Immobilizing columns securely and vertically both while running and for storage is best practice, but few convenient or safe options existed for supporting columns.  Not anymore!


Argento Scientific offers rugged, convenient column racks that can safely hold up to 20 columns.  Standard racks hold single columns of almost any height and can sit on the lab bench or on the floor.  Larger racks mount on wheeled casters for easy movement around the lab or our racks can mount to the walls of cold rooms or other parts of the lab.  Our frames are made of construction-grade extruded aluminum rods.  The columns attach to the frame with a bracket and simple rubber belt mechanism similar to what’s used on car bike racks.


Column Tubing Connector Kit

Part number: ASL-ECT

This kit includes partially assembled tube sets used to connect to Omnift columns to Akta systems.  We include torque-limiting 10-32 nuts that prevent over or under tightening connections on the system valve, and potential thread damage.  Also included are M6 to 5/16-24 cap adapters that allow the Omnifit columns to be used with the standard connectors that come with Akta equipment.



  • 2m X 1/16” OD PTFE tube (1.6mm OD by 1mm ID) with ¼-28 UNF fitting at one end.  Attaches to standard Omnifit column.
  • 0.5m X 1/16” OD PTFE tube (1.6mm OD by 1mm ID) with ¼-28 UNF fitting at one end.  Attaches to standard Omnifit column.
  • 2 male, torque limiting 10-32 nuts with integral ferrules. Connect 1/16” OD tubing to standard Akta valve and pump ports
  • 2 column cap adapters, female M6 port to female 5/16” BSF-Med (22 TPI) port.  Used to connect standard Cytiva column connectors to Omnifit columns.

Re-usable Column Shipping Stabilizers

Columns may meet all the required criteria for flow symmetry and efficiency once they’re packed, but shipping columns to off-site collaborators can introduce problems.  Shipping columns means they are moved on and off of loading bays, trucks and airplanes.  This exposes columns to temperature swings, vibration and changes in orientation – vertical, horizontal and in between.  While this is happening small amounts of air can enter columns, or liquids inside the columns can off-gas, resulting in bubbles or voids in the column resin.  Columns that arrive after a long trip may no longer be usable without time-consuming rehydration and even re-packing.


Argento Scientific’s re-usable shipping stabilizers provide a simple way to mitigate these issues.  Our stabilizers include a spring-loaded syringe plunger coupled with a simple on-off valve to facilitate loading.  Here are the steps to operate.

  1. Draw shipping solution, for example 20% ethanol, into the syringe using the plunger.  This compresses springs in the syringe.  Make sure there are no bubbles in the syringe body or connector tube by pumping the plunger.
  2. Close on-off valve to immobilize the plunger
  3. Screw the fitting at the tip of the connector tube into the top of the column
  4. Open the on-off valve

The shipping stabilizer will hold pressure against the column for up to 4 weeks.  When it’s time to use the column:

  1. Secure column in vertical position with the syringe on top
  2. Shut the on-off valve
  3. Unscrew the connector tube from the column
  4. Add fluid to the empty column port as needed
  1. Open on-off valve to release fluid from the syringe
  2. Use plunger to remove any remaining fluid from the syringe and store for future use

In-Line Filters

Extend the life of your column frits by pre-filtering with disposable in-line filters.


Precolumn filters are essential for protecting HPLC columns against particulate matter which can accumulate on the column frit, leading to split peaks and high backpressure. Sources of particles include mobile phases (especially when buffers are mixed with organic solvents), leaking pump and injector seals, and samples. Precolumn filters are also useful because changing the column frit is difficult to do without disturbing the column packing, whereas changing the precolumn filter’s frit is easy, providing inexpensive insurance against column damage.